Each of our apartments is furnished with elegant and modern designer furniture. A fully equipped
kitchen, a washing and drying machine and an excklusive bathroom are part of our high standard.

All residences have lately been renovated and refurnished.

Following features and services are offered to our customers: (included in the monthly rental fee)

√ Modern interior design
√ Private balcony, gardenspace or roof terrace*
√ Parking space on demand
√ Areas with little traffic
√ Quiet, yet very central location
√ Easy and fast access to public transport and shops
√ Secure Hi-Speed internet connection (Wi-Fi)
√ VoIP telephone equipment (low telephone call costs)
√ Cable TV, international TV channels
√ Fully equipped kitchen (incl. dishwasher*, oven and microwave)
√ Nespresso machine, water heater, toaster
√ Iron and iron board
√ Vacuum cleaner
√ Washing and drying machine in each residence
√ Fitness facility in each residence (or neighbouring residence)
√ weekly cleaning and washing services
√ 24/7 check in and check out
√ welcome present (starter pack) for kitchen and bath
*not available in very few apartments