RESIDENCE Wuhrstrasse 32

3.5 Room-Apartments

The art nouveau style house  is located central- ly in a quiet, green and well-kept residential area, away from traffic (30km/h speed limit). Good public transport connections, many shops and restaurants mean that there is something for everyone in this district. The property has been completely renovated. The modern, light interior design has been adapted to today’s living
requirements. The property offers you access to a private inner courtyard.
Example apartment:
Monthly rent inclusive all accessory charges, Wi-Fi, exclusive VAT

Apartment types

3.5 room-apartment (2)   63 m2   CHF 3’850
3.5 room-apartment (12)   67 m2   CHF 3’950
3.5 room-apartment (22)   67 m2   CHF 3’950
3.5 room-apartment (32)   67 m2   CHF 3’950
3.5 room-apartment (42)   67 m2   CHF 3’950